Can I buy a share in more than one syndicate?

Yes. You can purchase up to 17 x $1,200 shares in each syndicate (Team) (a maximum of a 34% share per team).

How is the unit price of the 2% of the three greyhound syndicates calculated?

The scheme divides all greyhounds cost to date i.e. purchase price, travel to rearing properties and rearing costs then anticipates through experience and rearing contracts in place the remaining rearing costs, all preparation to race costs and a rehoming contingency. All costs (as disclosed in the PDS) are added and then divided by 8 so all syndicate cost are the same and giving no relevance to any individual pup’s purchase price.

There appears to be no trainer fees in the financials of the PDS

That is correct, in greyhound racing owner/trainer prizemoney split has traditionally been 50% to the trainer and 50% to the Owner with no training fees once the greyhound is educated and prepared to race. This prizemoney is sent by your state jurisdiction to the team’s nominated bank account.

When do we collect our prizemoney?

The distribution of prizemoney plan is detailed in the PDS. It is distributed annually.

“Prizemoney” does not include your state’s jurisdiction travel fees distributed to trainers on their arrival at race meetings.

What happens when the greyhound finishes racing?

Highly successful greyhounds may be suitable for stud duties at which case the greyhound will be advertised for sale and sold by the syndicate manager at a highest commercial price on offer. All proceeds go to the syndicate for disbursement

A syndicate member, or a group of members may make an offer. If there is any dispute as to the price obtained an independent industry expert will be appointed.

All other greyhounds will be assessed for adoption with first opportunity to the person who so expressed their interest at the draft stage. The preparation for adoption costs are included in the fees already paid

Can my friends and I, or my sporting club, purchase an interest in the Syndicate between us ?

Yes, but an individual will need to be nominated as the “owner” on behalf of the group or Club, complete the application forms, and receive any correspondence.The Syndicate will not give any financial, tax or other advice regarding such arrangements.

The website says you may register for a 2% share but the PDS says it is a 1.984% share, why the difference ?

GSS are required legally to hold a share in the investment. In this case we hold 1% and therefore we are offering 99% for sale. However GSS intends to waive its entitlement to the 1% and you will get the full 2% per share.