Ownership Post Career

Greyhounds transition from a racing career to the life of a beautiful pet. I am sure you are aware of the relaxed and loyal nature of the breed.

Nominate the lot number, fill in the below application and you can be the owner of the greyhound you have chosen when he or she finishes their career.

Make your no obligation (we understand circumstances can change) application and once successful we will:

  • Engage your thoughts in determining the name of the racing greyhound. Syndicate owners will submit their preference. We will then seek your help in submitting the top 12 in preference order to Greyhounds Australasia for naming
  • Be our non-financial “51st Owner” (50 by 2% shares) and receive all correspondence during your greyhounds education and racing career
  • Invites to functions and race days
  • Take home your greyhound once their racing days are over*

*This may be delayed a short time for a desensitization phase or a longer time if the greyhound is of an elite standard and considered for stud duties.

This ownership post career opportunity is also available to financial syndicate members.